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October 27, 2011
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Yesterday this quilt came to mind. You want to know why? My daughter had “Formal Day” at school – a Jr. High thing! Go figure I have a daughter in Jr. High!! Anyway she was debating what to wear and like any girl her age she was wanting to wear a pair of my heels. She was walking around the house and they were not that much to big either – yikes. NO, she did not wear the heels to school, for no lack of trying. Anyway that got me thinking about our Diva quilt.










As you can see we used “elements: simple applque shapes”. I just love the “Judy / dress form”. BUT the best thing is really that the basis of this design is simple and lends itself to many other elements. For instance, how about the Paris theme? The eiffle tower replaces the judy, add a poddle, sunglasses and the heels can stay. What do you think? Stay tuned to our Etsy shop as we will be adding new items next week.





October 24, 2011

Oh I have been waiting to post this quilt again…I had to wait for cooler weather, cause of the snow in the cover shot. As much as I have wanted to post this quilt, I am sad cause S*N*O*W is on it’s way in southern Manitoba. This is a very different quilt than the “usual”. This quilt is one of our most modern desings, using a combination of bias and swirl applique’s in solid white, black and one black and white print. What I like the most is you can come up with any layout and create a unique piece of art. The quilting creates a background texture so rich. I think that this quilt would make a gorgeous christmas quilt, using deep cherry red. I have had an idea for a table runner using the swirls and circles from this quilt…now might be the time! Coming next week this pattern will not only be available in a paper copy but PDF too! So be sure to visit our Etsy shop for more great quilt patterns. OH I just about forgot!! The center of this quilt is baby size!!! What an awesome baby quilt – ultra modern. 🙂


Hooty Hoot

October 16, 2011

Announcing a new pattern in the shop. I just love this quilt! I made it last fall when visiting with Friends in Ontario – great memories! These fabrics are designed by Shari Butler of “Doohikey Designs”. We met here at a spring quilt market in Minneapolis. She liked our designs and asked us to use her fabrics. Hooty Hoot Kangaro was the perfect fabric for our design. Our window design was the perfect little perch for our feathered friend and a sweet place to hang the moon too. Be sure to go to our shop and check out the patterns. The owl is also available as an element here.


Secret Messages

October 7, 2011

A hundred years ago, quilts were sometimes used to send secret messages. I am using this quilt to send a secret message to two people out there. They share the same last name…but they are not related…but they could be sisters. I think of both of them very often, and I love spending time with them up at a special place where quilters gather, and ‘chocolate’ is always looking for scraps.

miss you both….

Hanging out with Pamela Anderson

October 7, 2011

Last weekend my daughter and I got to spend a really special weekend together. She has been waiting YEARS to be old enough to attend the mother/daughter reatreat at our local bible camp. We met up with old friends, and made some new ones, and the lovely lady in the bunk next to mine was Pamela Anderson. How cool is that! Of course it wasn’t the famous Pamela, it was another one, who was super sweet, and had a beautiful little girl as well. I hope next year we can meet up with these new friends again.

It does remined me of a documentary that I saw on the famous Pamela Anderson several years ago. They featured her beachside houes, and highlighted her quilt collection. Did you ever imagine Pamela was a quilt lover? She has several vintage quilts on her bed, around her room, and in her boys rooms. She may not be a quilt maker, but she does appreciate the finished quilt, and said that she will always have them in her home.

So that is my tale of the two Pamela’s. But it really fun going home after a great weekend, turning to my husband and saying “guess who was sleeping in the bunk next to me?”


October 5, 2011

Hello everyone…do you remember me? Cori and I have decided to ‘switch’ jobs for a few days, to change up our routine.
Our kids are now fully engaged in their first month at school, and I am enjoying a little quiet time. I am finally getting around to my summer reading! I picked up a copy of Country Living back in July, and now I am sitting back and enjoying all of the quilts. The room on the cover was created by Canadian designer Sarah Richardson, and if you own a TV in will be familiar with Sarah’s work. I love how Sarah creatively tucks quilts into many of her designs. For me, a vintage quilt always adds charm and warmth to a space.
I am sorry to say that the quilt on the cover is not one of ours….but it does remind me of our red and white star quilt that is in the 2011 Better Homes & Gardens calendar. I hope that 100 years from now, some of our quilts will still be found in beautiful rooms.

New pattern in the shop

October 3, 2011











You can buy the dandilion PDF pattern in our Etsy shop for only$4.99. Hope you enjoy!