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Hanging out with Pamela Anderson

October 7, 2011

Last weekend my daughter and I got to spend a really special weekend together. She has been waiting YEARS to be old enough to attend the mother/daughter reatreat at our local bible camp. We met up with old friends, and made some new ones, and the lovely lady in the bunk next to mine was Pamela Anderson. How cool is that! Of course it wasn’t the famous Pamela, it was another one, who was super sweet, and had a beautiful little girl as well. I hope next year we can meet up with these new friends again.

It does remined me of a documentary that I saw on the famous Pamela Anderson several years ago. They featured her beachside houes, and highlighted her quilt collection. Did you ever imagine Pamela was a quilt lover? She has several vintage quilts on her bed, around her room, and in her boys rooms. She may not be a quilt maker, but she does appreciate the finished quilt, and said that she will always have them in her home.

So that is my tale of the two Pamela’s. But it really fun going home after a great weekend, turning to my husband and saying “guess who was sleeping in the bunk next to me?”

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