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Design Challenge #2 – Blossom

July 8, 2011

Are you ready to re-visit our blossom quilt? Sorry it’s been so long since
we announced our design challenge but summer has FINALLY arrived, so our
challenge projects have had to wait….until NOW. Remeber, we challenged our team to use
blossom as their inspiration. Wether it would be the color, the motif, the
asymmetry or whatever it was that inspired them. So let’s take a look.

Let’s start with Marcy’s project – a paper project.  Marcy used a bit of everything…or that’s
what I see….asymetry, rectangles, flowers, birds on the paper, and a touch of
pink. Great job Marcy! I really like the white space on her layout as well. If you want to see more of Marcy’s work go here.

And how’s this for cute? Something you don’t see much around here is clothing, let alone embellished – so sweet and refreshing. See, you don’t have to JUST use our designs for quilting.  And I guess when you have a cute little grand-daughter, as Karen does, pink is the obvious choice too! Those are some adorable legs… 🙂  “I bought the PowderRoom jumper and reverse appliqued the bird and branch.  The blossoms are cut from a discarded T-shirt ” explains Karen

Now let’s take a look at Judy’s project. Art…I love this idea. She has divided our applique into 3 sections and framed each section. Adding the flowers and buttons adds another dimension. Looks like pink is a theme so far! This is a favorite way to frame your quilting. I have  afew quilted projects on stretcher bars frames.








Well here goes…I had this idea in my head since the challenge was announced but last night I actually had the evening to myself, so into the sewing room I went and came out with this… Now it sure looks like we were all on the same page HEY? No we did not discuss what each other was going to do! I stitched on my shapes using the machine, zig zagging around the bird, straight stitching on either side of the branch. I add the wool flowers and buttons as the centers as well. It just cracks me up to see the common elements in our designs. I used different sizes of flowers, my favorite is the large flower with the over sized button. You can just see a bit of the backing to the pillow which inspired the color scheme. No pink for me!

Well Myra “re-designed” our blossom quilt in Electric Quilt 6. I love the idea of this re-design…what do you think? What a great gift for a wedding or anniversary. LOVE it. No pink for her either…. You could either use the color scheme from their wedding or something to “match” (compliment) their home. I personally love the black and white scheme – timeless!

So there you have it – I hope you are feeling inspired…we would love to see what you do… you never know, you could be a guest designer too!!

If you are inspired to use the blossom motifs for your own project or re-create the blossom quilt for yourself, then go HERE.

THANKS to our design team for a job well done, great ideas.



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