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ahead or behind sometimes we aren’t sure

June 25, 2011

As the title stats Myra and I have often felt, as quilt designers, we have been a bit aheadof our time. Our designs are modern and different and sometimes it has felt as though these ideas came before the quilting world was really ready. So When American Patchwork and quilting named this quilt, it seemed so perfect.

You might think this design is not new and modern in fact this has been done before. True, in a way. But, by using amazing modern prints,(Heather Bailey) paired with white it is so modern and fresh.

Also a big “Thanks” to Marcy for taking these great shots for us. She always knows the perfect lighting to make our quilts shine.

Here  is the photo from the  layout that appeared in  APQ. Also check out the amazing quilting done by Jacqueline Pohl of the Vintage Quiltery in Gladstone MB.

This design is also perfect fo r a 2 color quilt (which I have always wanted) In fact our original name for this quilt was “maybe, maybe not”.

Of course you can find the pattern here. We are working on PDF-ing this pattern as well, just not available quite yet.

Myra and I will also have a exciting new announcement for quilt shops shortly. Stay tuned.


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