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Crawling on over

June 5, 2011

We are re-introducing one of our most popular “baby” quilts with a new cover. If ONLY we had more of this turtle fabric!! I STILL get calls about it and incase you are wondering…no we do not have a scrap left. we did this quilt when we designed our last collection of fabric called completely kids. This totally fun fabric with the turtle motif made for some great projects. The collection had an assortment of colors but for this turtle crawl quilt we chose the blue, green and orange scheme. I love the asymmetrical layout and the band of striping across the top. the other great thing about this quilt is you can put any “elements” (applique shape) in those blocks, or even use some of those busier prints in the blocks and no applique at all (imagine – no applique?)

The turtle crawl PDF pattern is available in our Etsy shop as well as the individual element of the turtle if you want to create your own pattern or add the turtle element to another quilt.

The very last picture was sent to me a number of years ago and the picture was titled “Kaylee’s pneumonia quilt”. This little girl took here turtle crawl quilt with her to the hospital, that tells you the value of a quilt and how they are treasured in the times were we need to be comforted. I believe it was Kaylee’s grandma (and if you are reading this “grandma” please do correct me if I am wrong as this was a LONG time ago) that made this quilt for her and she made it in a larger size.

So this quilt does not just need to be a baby quilt, nor does it just have to be a “boy” quilt either. And for those girls who would rather have Pink, here it is in an alternative color way.

Don’t forget to visit us on facebook and of course our Etsy shop and Studio bmd too!


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