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May 28, 2011

AH where did my post go? I had written it and posted and even view it…WHAT happened?

Now I have to remember what I wrote, I think it went something like this…

It is that time of year when the fruit trees start to bloom and the lovely sweet smell fills the air. This brought me to our blossom quilt.

What do I like about this quilt?

~ the different scales of pink fabrics

~the large piecing making it fast and easy!

~the icing on the cake (pink icing of course!) is that band with the branch, blossoms and birdie.

~with a hit of white the applique just pops!!

This pdf e-mailable pattern is available in our shop – of course.

So here is where I am going with this. We are going to use Blossom as our design team challenge! And you are invited to play along. Judy, Karen, Myra & Marcy (welcome Marcy!) and me too, will create some more projects with fabric and paper using Blossom as our inspiration. Wether it be the rectangular theme, elements (applique shapes), the color…see where I am going with this? So as “the team” works on our projects this month, we invite you to do the same. AND PLEASE (pretty please) send us pictures (I will make it worth your while 🙂

So there you have it, let’s celebrate spring together (that’s if the rain will ever go away here in MB)

Oh almost forgot…the quilting, it’s my favorite motif. This circular motif is a great shape to use because the lines are very horizontal and strong. The quilting adds a bit of oriental flavor too.

happy designing!


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