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Design Team Challenge

May 14, 2011

We asked a few friends to help us with a challenge. We gave the theme of Paris Charm. We asked Karen and Judy to come up with alternate projects inspired by this pattern. This is what they came up with…

Judy followed a pattern from Quilts and more – patchwork pouch [on page 48 of the Spring 2011 issue] for her challenge project. I like the black and white theme, how she took the charm squares from our quilt and interpreted it into this pouch too! Then there is the  poodle element. We gave Judy and Karen the option to use the poodle or the Eiffel tour. I guess they booth like the poodle!!

What is an element you ask? The Eeiffel tower on our original Paris Charm is an element. An element can be an applique pattern, an item to trace for things like crafts, scrapbooking, card making, painting. You can enlarge or reduce them in size using a photocopier. I would love to see it enlarged and projected onto a wall to trace and then paint! So you can see there is more than just one use for an element.

Karen chose to use a Lilly and Will charm package – using the whole pack except for ONE square! She designed her own tote bag and drew attention to the poodle element by placing it in a larger block.

Now for the poodle. Can you believe all those buttons? How perfect for this French Poodle.

Now for Myra. Check out what she did. Myra re-designed this quilt using an alternate layout and a new element [soon to be available in our etsy shop]

Do you see the differences? The Poodle in Paris quilt is the same layout of Paris Charm – the original quilt. Then the Paris 2 quilt layout is a little different.  Instead of being asymmetrical it is centered.

I hope you enjoyed our design challenge. I am sure we will do this again, so give us some suggestions on the pattern you would like us to use for our next inspiration! Or send us what you did with paris charm and maybe you could be the next design team Member!!


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  1. June 4, 2011 11:53 am

    Too funny to see all the poodles that “popped up”! When I was a kid I would go on the bus to visit my aunt and the bus stopped right outside The Pink Poodle Restraunt. They had a huge Poodle on the sign!

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