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2010 Last year’s retreat

April 12, 2011

Last year’s retreat was another BIG crowd and so much fun. We had a few newbee’s join the group too! So here’s the annual retreat class photo! Actually our theme was back to school.  We had our students send in “old” pictures of themselves and we had to guess who it was, then it was their turn to do their show and tell.  Here is one of my favorite show and tells – Sara’s “ahead of the curve” done in figgy pudding fabrics.  Sara is one of our “young ones” and she has come every year with her mom. This past year we had another Mother and daughter team (yes another “young one”) That’s what makes our group so fun – all the ages!! We learn so much from one another.

We also did something new with our “students”. We offered them fabrics (at no cost) in trade for a 12″ block of their choice. We will be putting them together in a Charity quilt. I hope I can show you pictures of the finished top sometime before the next retreat! Some blocks were challenging and some where standard favorites that no doubt had been made many times before. Thanks to all who took time out of their presious sewing time to make these blocks!

Well there you have it! The Grand tour of the bmd Retreat History is finished until October. Hope you enjoyed the look back – I know I did!


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  1. Judy Greaves permalink
    April 12, 2011 4:14 pm

    RETREAT 2011…I can hardly wait, thanks for the memories of revisiting past retreats.

    • bmdadmin permalink*
      April 12, 2011 4:24 pm

      OH I can hardly wait!! Thanks for taking the trip down memory lane with us.

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