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some inspiration

April 4, 2011

Do you mind if we take a break from the retreat review? I must say though, that I have been enjoying the look back. It really has made me a little sentimental. But onward…

I had this idea the other day, to show you what you can do with a quilt pattern. Well actually our elements too. Wether you use our element, a color scheme inspired by our quilts I want you to think outside the box. So here we go!

What can you all make with a rubber ducky? Well these sketches show you how an idea starts. Then it evolves with few more sketches and we pick one. Then we pick fabrics and make a quilt (well often it’s not that simple but I hope you get the picture!) Then we develop our quilt pattern in hopes that you will like it and make it! I love the Ducky, it’s not boy, it’s not girl quilt, it’s a great generic baby quilt.  What child has not played with a rubber ducky in the tub? And the ideas don’t stop there.  The ideas keep going even after the quilts been designed and made. Sometimes it’s even hard to stop thinking about the ideas. So in this case I just had to ‘squeak’ out another couple of projects. Pillows are a bit of a passion (my husband always laughs when I come home with another one) but they are fun to buy or  make – what can I say. Also a gift idea and a great size to try out a new technique or color. Then today I had another idea, a card! I shrunk the little ducky and picked out some scrapbook paper and away I went. And only 10 min later voila a cute little gift card.  So tell me what you would like to make using the ducky element. I would love to know. Also if you have made this quilt, we would love to see it (and share it – of course).  To purchase the pattern, you can find it here.

You can expect to see more posts like this one with many of our other quilts.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


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