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2008 – The craziest!

March 30, 2011

  It was the biggest group to date…the hotel was booked…just about a month till retreat and THEN…I heard a rumor. A rumor that our hotel was closing, they had our money, our retreat was planned to the last detail, we had the most retreater’s we had ever had and that rumor turned out to be true. What would we do? Would our students understand?But we didn’t want to cancell it. This retreat also corresponded with our 3rd fabric collection – Cape Cod! What to do? So within days of finding this out, Myra and I had to make some quick descisions. We decided to go and look at hotel’s in Winnipeg, we wondered if we would find something within our budget, a hotel that had a conference room large enough(beacuse NO hotel can figure out how 40 women can need so much space!! That is until they see it with their own eyes.) And if we found the “perfect” place, would they have room?

Off to Winnipeg we went. We had a choice of three hotels with only one having enough space for these 40 women. So we booked the Clarion Hotel. We then went home and I proceeded to call everyone and explain our problem. Not one lady cancelled on us! That was amazing! It all turned out well considering. The hotel treated us well. The look on the young guys’ face when we said “Yes, we need MORE tables” was priceless.  The Monday after the retreat we held an open house in the same room we had the retreat, we had a come and go, did a trunk show & offered shopping!

Here are some pictures from our show and tell! And yes I am kinda partial to pictures of past retreat projects (you might have noticed!)

1st was our student from Washington with a miniature version of “How does your garden grow” from 4 Season’s of Quilts.

2nd a Bohemian Rhapsody retreat project ready to be quilted!

3rd another Bohemian Rhapsody retreat project version B.


The 3 color ways for Cape Cod.

 Our House and Home retreat project. How’s that for show and tell.

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  1. Karen Whitney permalink
    April 1, 2011 10:02 am

    Marlys and I were just talking about what fun that retreat was!! What a great group of ladies. We had a ball! I love my mini “How Does Your Garden Grow”. (It looks much better with the binding on it!) Thank you for a wonderful experience.

    • bmdadmin permalink*
      April 1, 2011 4:54 pm

      It was so nice having you at Retreat! I hope you can come again soon. Do you have a picture of the bound “how does your garden grow”. We would love to see it. Thanks for “stoppin’ in”

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