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Why You ask?

March 25, 2011

Some of you might be wondering why we have started selling PDF e-patterns. e-patterns seem to be the way patterns have been going lately. Why, you ask?

1.)  NO SHIPPING! (Yipee) As shipping costs rise and delivery times are slow, buying an e-pattern is the perfect solution.

2.) NO WAITING! Well very little we aim to email your pattern order within 36 hours (way shorter than waiting for the mail man to show up, that’s for sure)

3.) ENVIROMENTAL. It cuts down on paper and printing costs therefore we can offer patterns at a much lower rate.

Also….you can keep your e-patterns neatly organized in a file in your computer, easy to find!

So be sure to check out our selection of e-patterns in our Etsy shop. The patterns are only $4.99 USD. That is so affordable for a high quality pattern. Most of our catalogue is available in PDF format. Please don’t forget that these e-patterns are for personal use only.


p.s have a happy weekend and stay tuned for more past retreat photo’s coming soon.

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