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always up to something

March 23, 2011

that is what a friend just said about me! Well this week I can totally agree with that. Have you noticed any of it? I hope so.

Let’s start with Etsy. I have been uploading photo’s to our studiobmd shop on Etsy. Lots of quilts for sale! Unbelievable pricing too. If you want a bmd original or need a gift… now’s the time.

Secondly, been uploading new pictures to our Flickr account tonight. A nice little collection of new photo’s for you to enjoy.

Thirdly…back to our past retreats. Our second retreat was an awfully special one. We unveiled our first fabric collection – Love Joy Peace. I couldn’t find many pictures from this retreat but here are a few that can sum it up. The first 3 pictures are and were the inspiration behind the fabric collection. The wedding quilt, college quilt & baby blessings. The theme of how quilting started, as gift giving at the most important times of one’s life.

 The next 2 photo’s were taken at the 2nd Hometown retreat. A photo of our fabrics and the other…well Myra and I in our younger years!

remember to go and check out Etsy and Flickr.


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