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Speaking of retreats

March 19, 2011

How about a walk down memory lane? Some of you may not know how long we have been doing our retreat but we go back 8 years now. I think that means we started in 2004. That seems like a long time ago. I thought maybe we should take a trip down memory lane over the next few weeks, I would like to say days but that might be a promise I can’t keep. In the early years of retreat, formerly known as “Hometown Retreat”. We came up with this idea after we had spent a number of years on the road teaching. We thought why not bring our friends to our town? And you/they came!! We have had most of our retreats at the Heartland Inn in Winkler with a few exceptions and I will share that story a little later on. When we started retreating here in Winkler, we designed a special retreat project. This is a picture of our very first project. Our retreater’s receieved this never before published patterns and we all did the project together. Some have been finished, some still have not (wink,wink – you know who you are!) That row of houses are paper pieced!! Back in the day when we paper pieced a LOT! I think our first group was about 15 students. And so many have come back year after year, so amazing. Somethings have not really changed, food, goody bags, lots of sewing and great friends.

I have been searching for my retreat pictures but have not had much luck locating the pictures from our first few retreats. But I will keep looking…and if I find I will post those too.


And “someone” (a very good friend) must have read my post last night and voila…today I had some pictures emailed to me…so here are some more.

Our first retreat group, a lesson by Myra, finished blocks, Sylvie wins pillows.

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