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just a quickie

January 15, 2011

What kinds of things keep you busy on the weekends? This is what I have been doing…

a. cleaning

b. having a 9th birthday party

c. shopping

d. organizing (been seeing a lot of organizing posts on other blogs)

e. finished a quilting project

f. starting another quilting project

g. being inspired for new projects, not enough time…

Would love to see or hear about how you organize in your house or sewing room or office.

 Also thought I would share the ducky pattern today. I got 2 messages this week saying that 2 people had added our ducky pillow in their treasuries on Etsy. Just reminded me of this cute gender neutral quilt. The treasuries were both about rubber ducks and different ways to decorate with that image.

~ c

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  1. January 31, 2011 1:03 pm

    I’ve been catching up on my blog reading and just read all the things you have been doing on the weekends… and then I had to laugh!!!!
    Gee my SIL has a 29th year birthday each year… not sure I would want to go allllll the way back to a 9TH birthday! LoL…. hope it was fun!

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