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New release week: blossom

October 29, 2010

Oh, where to begin with this project? The reason I say this is I started this project years ago. Yep, I said it years…that’s not like me, most of the time I finish one before I start another…yes you can gasp!! A quilt designer that “usually” only has a or 2 projects on the go, it’s possible. Anyway back to the quilt and not my habits! 

Blossom was created because of the fabrics I had found. Fabrics that were larger scale and too beautiful to cut up into itty bitty pieces. So we left the pieces large. The I took inspiration from the one Joel Dewberry fabric in the quilt. The panel at the top of the quilt is just another extension of the fabrics I choose.

That is how I usually feel about applique on our quilts. That it is the enhancement, embellishments and extension of the fabrics.  I know there are a lot of quilter’s out there that dislike applique, but it’s what makes our quilts stand out, it is what make our quilts unique. I love it!  I will show you why in my next new release post. The fabric sets the mood but the applique is like the icing on the cake.

So here are a few more close up pictures of blossom. To show you the applique and the quilting. This quilt has a real Asisan feel.

Oh and I found a greatnew  fabric collection that would be fabulous for this pattern. are you surprised? It’s gorgeous, all three colorways, check it out and let me know if you agree.

  Stay tuned for more realeses on Monday! There  might be some “just because” posts this weekend.


p.s  you might want to go back into the older posts from this week, I have added some more pictures!

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