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summer is here?

May 18, 2010

I just came back from a beautiful walk with my dog max. Currently I am re-training him – not fun, but he is doing much better.  I mean his ears can hear me!! There are baby colts being born at the neighbors, honey bees have been put out at the other neighbors and my son went to the “other” neighbors on Saturday to watch them sheer their sheep.  The grass is green and growing at warp speed, along with the weeds in the garden. The temperatures are reaching record highs for this time of year, I hope it is here to stay.

The other day I got this great email and I asked if I could share – I got permission, lucky for us!

She writes;  I loved the two quilts you just shared on your blog.  When I clicked on the picture of the guitar, it blew up the picture so I could see it better.  I couldn’t believe all the intricate quilting on it. That looked fabulous. Well, I finally have something to share as well.  I finished quilting the Dominoes quilt for my niece’s graduation.

Love this project! She did such a great job. Thanks for sending the photo. Notice how she used Karen’s quilting design from the original Domino quilt?

And as she asked here are some more of our New Releases.

Electric Blue, is another body pillow we have designed. AND expect to see more, there are a ton more ideas! Such great gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays etc.  Change the guitar to pink and voila a girly version.

And another body pillow – hippy chick!  The alphabet comes with this pattern but can also be purchased separately under elements in our shop!

Hope you enjoyed the show!


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