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What we have been up to?

May 11, 2010

photo by Marcy PennerI know we have told you that we are busy but I can hear it now, “busy with what?” “Show us something!” Today is the day that we will show you a few things that we have been busy with.

We will be releasing a collection of 11 new patterns for spring International Quilt Market in Minneapolis next weekend. These patterns will be on our web site June 1st. The packing has started and patterns are being printed, the count down is on and we are down to 1 week

37 Kisses as pictured here is made up of 36 X’s, referring to kisses and one big smooch to make 37 kisses. The x’s are using a variety of prints in a palette of orange, melon and every shade of pink.

photo by Marcy PennerHere is another shot of our peaceful baby quilt. Peace signs in 3 different sizes to create a “waterfall” effect. Who doesn’t wish for a peaceful baby? This is so easy to translate into boy colors and equally as suitable too.

So there you have it, now you know, I hope you enjoyed our sneak peek. What did I say 11 patterns to release that means stay tuned there are 9 more to come!!

Thanks for watching!


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