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February 2, 2010

Well, it looks like Cori beat me to posting today! We are both busy on our computers, working in different area’s, and trying to keep our paperwork from taking over our design life. I will be working in the Etsy shop, listing new products, as well as putting up some of our projects for sale. We debate ALL THE TIME about what to do with our enormous collection. Well, some of our fun sample projects need to find a new place to call home…so they will start being listed in Etsy.

Cori is busy with the 1 & 1 shop, listing all of our blueprints and elements. This is a new area for us, and we LOVE IT! The possibilites of creating in this new format are endless. I posted a picture of one pillow that Cori whipped up over the summer. It uses an element, and a very simple pillow layout (yes Cori…I will get you those instructions…)

And on my final note, according to the informal poll results, (and from people stopping us on the streets) we will keep the name ’37 kisses’ as the name for the quilt we posted last week. Thanks for the amazing suggestions. (yes Marcy, I always want to know what you think) And Sheila – I reserve the right to use the name ‘Hot Lips’ in the future.

see you soon.

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  1. Love Joy Piece permalink
    February 7, 2010 7:58 pm

    Peace to you this Sunday afternoon!What a pleasant surprise to be greeted with the word and symbol of "Peace" when I'm looking for a "Peace Dove". I just pulled out my Love Joy Peace quilt for a presentation this week at a Quilt guild and I saw the dove at the bottom. Lovejoypiece is collecting quilt blocks with a peace dove/bird and would appreciate your comments on our blog.Do you have a pillow or small quilt with the peace dove, beside this quilt? Peace,Marlys

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