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April 29, 2009

Changes Everything

I am sure that we have shown you this quilt before, but have you ever seen the second color way? Isn’t it pretty (if i do say so myself) We made the green and black one first. I had so much fun making this quilt it was just too tempting to make another one! This quilt serves to teach a few lessons.

How the green and black colorway got started was with the large Amy Butler print. We deliberately used that large print in a large plain block. We did not want this quilt to be made from a particular fabric collection but rather a mix and match approach (like we did in the “old” days, before collections were the rage) We choose a basic black handspray, a small green & black print, the white and black paisley which is our medium scale print, as well as a tone on tone green print for subtle texture. Print size is very important when you want to create symmetry and interest. The simple block is just repeated, tossed and turned and separated with white sashing.

In the second colorway,again we started with the large Amy Butler print in shades of brown, green and pink. Again keeping with our original philosophy of mix and matching collections, we began picking fabrics from our stash. A brown tone on tone, deep pink and brown medium print, small brown and green fabric, and again green tone on tone print (from our bohemian rhapsody collection). I did make one sample block first with the ivory sashing, we decided it was to stark. We picked a pink tonal print (from our cape cod collection) instead. We purposely chose different shades of pink. Why? Because it proves another point, as long as they all blend they do not need to match exactly!

We have often wanted to make our quilts in two different color options. It is really hard to just pick one for the pattern cover. This was a great lesson in picking fabrics and how color changes everything.

The Manhattan pattern is available in our Etsy shop as well as it will be available in our new shop (coming VERY soon.) So be sure to check so you don’t miss the launch!

Which one do you like best? If you have a teenager, this is the quilt pattern for you. Modern and simplistic, it’s all in the Fabric chooses.


p.s if you want to see these quilts in real life…we will be at the Morden Barnswallow Quilt show. Friday from 10-8:00, Saturday 10 – 5:00 and Sunday 12-5:00. We will have many quilts in the show as well as a booth. Come by.

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  1. Jean permalink
    May 4, 2009 5:37 pm

    Both quilts are striking! I think I like the black and green best, because it’s so unusual to see the colors you chose together! Makes me want to go play with fabric’s!Hope your show went well!

  2. Beth permalink
    June 25, 2009 4:20 pm

    Love this! I just made a 'Squares Squared' quilt for my teenager, she loves the modern look! Thanks for sharing :)Beth(just over in AB)

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