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November 5, 2008

Our Fall Class List

Cori and I are very happy to be spending some time at home this fall, teaching classes at a local shop – Annie’s Sewing Center, in Winkler, MB.

We have missed getting together with some of our local friends, and working on projects, and showing ‘the ropes’ to some new quilters who are anxious to start one their first quilt. So here is a brief review of what we have in store. Please note, that we will be having a new class list after Christmas.

Love Joy Peace is one of our favorite samplers. This quilt will show you all of the basic techniques of quilting: piecing, applique, bias vines, curved piecing, and a small touch of paper piecing. Due to all of the classes, we will run this course with 2 classes per month, beginning in January. This class will only begin in the new year, but it is necessary to pre-register, because there will be limited space.

Our hopscotch quilts are fun little baby quilts, that will introduce you to hand applique. The quilts are quick to make, and fun to give away.

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