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October 3, 2008

The new Ocotober BLOG schedule will begin October 6th!

Monday – Mystery Monday with Myra (that’s a lot of M’s J)
Myra will walk you through a FREE project.

Tuesday – Talk Tuesday
We will address FAQ’s or you can post a question and we will answer it!

Wednesday – What’s cooking with Cori?
Cori will share a recipe.

Thursday – Inspiration of the week
We will post a little inspiration for you.

Friday – Fun Friday’s

This is a great way for you the reader’s of our blog to get involved. These daily topics are so that you can get interactive with bmd. If you choose not to leave a comment or question on our blog, feel free to email it to me and then I can answer you on the blog. (all questions/comments will be anonymous on the blog)

Just a shout out to Shirley’s sewing room for the wonderful welcome and hospitality last night. We shared our trunk show with a packed room of great ladies from the Moosomin area. We had a lot of fun – would have liked to stay longer but the 4 hour car ride home was calling us. A little tired today but really enjoyed sharing our passion with all of the ladies who came out, THANKS!


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  1. nicolette permalink
    October 4, 2008 7:40 am

    This sounds like a lot of fun!!

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