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Day 98 – Little Nine Patches

July 31, 2008

How am I possibly going to finish the 100 Days of quilts by tomorrow? By posting several quilts in one day! I am sorry to rush to the finish line, but tomorrow is August 1st, and it’s time to let everyone in on the big surprise.

So, last night I was running through the neighbourhood with a few quilts, looking for places to throw them down, and take some pictures. (Thankfully my neighbours have great yards.) And across the street I found these guys. Well, the color of these two little ducks reminded me of a quilt from WAY BACK when. I think that I might have made this quilt around 1995. I love making little nine-patches! The finished size of the squares is a 1/2″, which means that they also have a 1/2″ of fabric for seams behind them. Most quilters (I mean my mother) could never understand why I liked making these squares so small, but when they are this size, and your seam allowance is accurate, they fit together perfectly. Just try it sometime. Make a little 1 1/2″ nine patch block, and see how much fun it is.

See you soon!

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