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Day 91 – Cori’s Log Cabin

July 20, 2008

Oh how this wash line has come in handy for taking pictures of these big quilts! This was my very first BIG quilt that I made. I was just married and my husband is a cowboy and that was how our first home was decorated, a little bit western (tastefully of course) I have never been a frilly kind of gal, so I didn’t mind at all. I found the border print, which had a Navajo feeling and chose my colors around it. I think that Myra and I had seen this layout in a magazine at the time, but of course figured it out by ourselves.(Myra will correct me if I am wrong on that!) I used a log cabin block and the courthouse steps to create the pattern and used shads of purple, blue and of course beige. I also hand quilted this quilt and Myra and I spent a whole evening stitching on the binding so I could hang it in our local quilt show the next morning. I really enjoyed picking the fabrics and my favorite part was the hand quilting – I loved to stitch in front of the TV (oh the time I had before we had kids!) I must say this is bringing back some good memories of just being newlyweds :).


p.s can you believe that we are on the home stretch of our 100 quilts? I can’t!

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  1. Jean permalink
    July 21, 2008 5:28 pm

    I must say, you two girls must have one huge storage area for all these quilts! I love the colors! Aren’t clothes lines great! And then there is the natural fresh (non bottled) scent!Your getting closer! I can feel the momentum building!

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