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Day 68 – Scrappy Circles Baby Quilt

May 9, 2008

from The Blessed Home Quilts

Where has the time gone?! I can’t believe how many days worth of stuff I need to blog. The good news is that I will have plenty of time to do it. Cori and I finished up a lot of commitments, and we had our (awesome, fun, inspirational) retreat. We walked away from that weekend with a lot more ideas, and we were rejuvenated by our friends, so now we want to start on new designs again.

I was looking for a different kind of quilt to post today, and I found our one and only “30’s” quilt. I do have a found affection for 30’s prints, but so far I have collected more prints than I have ever used. A stereo-type that I am trying to break, is that only 30’s prints can be used with 30’s prints. Why? I have a great little teal/blue print that I want to use with some very contemporary prints. I think those fabrics would look really great together, now I just have to invent the project. Hey Cori, got any idea’s?

See you tomorrow.

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