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May 2, 2008

Catching up

I know that we are falling behind again on our blog, but we have been going from one event to another. It feels like we just got home from last weekends quilt show in Dryden, and this morning I have to finish packing, to head out to Portage La Prairie for our retreat weekend.

So I am going to do my best to give you a little glimps of last weekends road trip.

It’s a 5-6 hour drive to Dryden Ontario from where we live, and we thought that we should stop in Kenora for a bite to eat. As we were heading into town, we came to a screeching halt when we saw this sign on the edge of the road. A new quilt shop! And it is very new. They have only been open since Nov. and they are a beautiful new shop, filled with beautiful new fabrics. The biggest surprise? We walked in, and they knew who we were! We met up with some old friends inside, and met some new one’s. This shop is definitely worth the stop, and you can find it in Keewaitin (did I spell that right?) and it is conveniently located directly beside the highway. You can’t miss it, and we are glad that we didn’t.

Some of my other picture don’t want to be uploaded right now, (I am having technical difficulty) so I will talk about the pictures that did load up. This is part of our booth space in Dryden. They do an awesome quilt show every two years, and I must admit, that I have been to almost every show since they started. I love going for the quilts, but meeting up with friends, and buying fabric from other vendors is another great treat.

The one big surprise of the weekend was the enourmous amount of snow that fell. We were all surprised by that, but then again, this is Canada. The snow came as one huge dump during the night, and in the morning, I was up to my thighs in snow trying to get into my van. We fortunatly were snowed in at a quilt show, but we felt bad for all the quilters who were snowed in at home, and were not able to see the quilts.

And we wanted to say a special Thank-you to all of you who did shovel out, and came to hear us talk at the banquet Saturday night. We had a great time (buying miniature quilts) and sharing some of our insights.

And I can’t wait to see what stories will come out of THIS weekend.

See you soon.

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