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April 15, 2008

What you can do with fabric

Hi, this is just a quick note between quilt posts, to share with you some of the events of the Manitoba Prairie Quilt show. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the show. I was in Winnipeg that day, but I was at the north end of the city, in the Maple Surgical Center with my daughter. Part of me was hoping that I would be able to sneak down to see part of the show, but I knew that my daughter was going to need me, and it is a wonderful feeling to be needed by your children.

There were many events, and one of them was a challenge. MPQ picked four of our fabric last year, to make up kits for the challenge. The theme was Live, Laugh, Love, and they could add more fabrics and embellishments. I believe that the small hangings were auctioned or sold sometime during the weekend, but if you want to see some of their great creations, click on the link below.

And I wanted to say THANKS FOR THE INSPIRATION to everyone who participated in the challenge. I have loved going back and looking at the quilts on the site. Isn’t it amazing how so many different quilts can be inspired by the same theme and fabrics? I recognized some of the names under the quilts, and it made me smile, because you can see their personalities in the project that they created. There is more than one that I wish I hand hanging in my house, and they have definitely given me some more ideas for future projects.

See you all at the next MPQ show!

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