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Day 56 – Town and Country CD project

April 9, 2008
We did this CD for Electric Quilt a number of years ago (Myra will remember the year!) You can still get it if you go to
It was a collection of paper pieced projects, inspired by our first book Down in the Valley. We designed 30 projects under the headings; City Streets, Country Roads, Mountain Trails and Prairie Paths. What’s so neat about the CD is you can choose a projects, then you can change it and re-color it and then print out the paper piecing sheets all on your home computer – you become a designer. It has cutting instructions and other tutorials.
So now that I have dug up this CD I am inspired to make some of these projects! The nice thing about the CD is we did not have to make all 30 projects because it is all virtual!! But I must say there are some really good ones in there. We did make a few for display so I will post a few more in the next 44 days! Can you believe that we have posted 56 quilts, It has been amazing for us to see all of our projects. When you have so many it is hard to remember. (yeah, I know boo whoo)
Back to the project at hand…Myra made a sample of this quilt when we did the CD but this one I made for my mom and dad for Christmas a number of years ago. It hangs in the stairwell. The whole thing is paper pieced and all of these projects are larger, some full size bed quilts that are paper pieced! This quilt is probably about 50″ square, but I think that Myra’s version was larger.
Thanks for watching!
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