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Day 52 – Turtle Crawl

April 2, 2008

I am so anxious to start showing you some of our new quilts, that I am literally taking them out of the box, and posting them on the web! Yesterday I was running to the bus depot, and the mailbox, picking up boxes of quilts. This one came in from Indian Head, Saskatchewan, where a very dear friend actually followed directions! (sorry Joan, I couldn’t help it) Cori and I had so many projects that had to be finished in such a short time frame, that we asked some quilting friends to help us out. And that has been a very good decision.

So, today I will finish binding this quilt, and then send it over to Cori, who will get it photographed, and have the pattern printed, so that it will be ready when we start travelling in just a few weeks. Is anyone in Dryden counting down the days until your show? We are. So much has to happen before we can go, but we are really looking forward to seeing all of our friends out there in Northern Ontario.
Now I have to run, and catch the UPS guy. I finished two magazine quilts last night, and I have to get them to Fons & Porter, so that you can see them on your newsstands in a few months.
See you tomorrow.
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  1. Jackie permalink
    April 2, 2008 9:11 pm

    I LOVE this quilt and can hardly wait until the retreat to see the real thing!! I am counting the days until then! I KNOW that you will get everything done that needs to get done…you two are very organized!

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