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Day 38 – Marking Milestones

February 22, 2008

This is one of my personal quilts that I LOVE, and I hate. There really is so much about this quilt that I do love, because it was started as a labour of love. I wanted to make a personal quilt for myself from some of the fabrics from our first fabric collection – Love Joy Peace. And I chose this block, because I really did want to make a quilt using templates, and I was looking for a finished quilt that would be a little nostalgic. I also chose to run the blocks right to the edge of the quilt, and not add any borders. I like this look because the quilt has a very clean finished feel to it.

So in the few, little free moments that I would find, I began to trace and cut out all of my template pieces, and put them into neat stacks. I enjoyed this leisure pace of cutting, and sewing, and playing around with the colors. Then, we got a phone call. It was ‘Quilts’ the magazine, and they loved the fabric line, and were wondering if we had an extra project. Well….I had started one….

Long story short – I quickly finished the piecing, and the quilting, which is why I don’t totally like this quilt. I had time to do the basic quilting, but I never had time to add the extra quilting I would like to do, and, on the back of the quilt are all the long quilting threads that still need to be trimmed! And for those of you who know me…I have never found the time to go back and finish the detail on this quilt, because I am always moving forward on to new and more exciting projects.
The magazine picked the name ‘Marking Milestones’ for this project, but in my mind, the name didn’t fit. Well, last year I had the rare chance of meeting another Myra, and her last name is Milestone! So, in my mind, this is now the Myra Milestone quilt….and that just feels right. Maybe if I name it after her she will finish trimming all those threads for me.
And this is a quilt that would look stunning in so many different color combinations. Cori has colored it in many other fabrics, and they all look great. So I also want to challenge you to someday pick a project that may not get done at a fast pace, but where you have a chance to really enjoy the journey.
See you tomorrow.
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