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Day 27 – Cabin in the woods

February 8, 2008

This was one of my favorite projects back when we did the Down in the Valley book in ’99/2000.
The Down in the Valley book had four chapters and this chapter was titled Cabin Country. The Down in the Valley book is all paper piecing patterns, something that we have always enjoyed. And the best part is that this wall hanging can be done in a day or two. The country charm of this project & warm colors kind of makes me think of a cottage in the winter time. No I don’t own a cottage, but I live on a little acreage in the country and somedays…I would like nothing more than to not leave the house or answer the phone and pretend it’ is my cottage! So, maybe by adding this little hanging to your wall you can imagine that you have a cottage of your own deep in the woods too.
So what’s so great about paper piecing? It’s fast and accurate and if you can count to 10 you can do it – it is kinda like painting by number! I hadn’t paper pieced in a long while but last week I found myself craving for it and so that’s what I did, found a project from a past book, tweaked it a little (surprise, surprise) found some fun fabrics (a few of ours of course) and away I went. I sent it to my friend Karen this week and told her to “have at it” (that means she could quilt it anyway she liked!) I can hardly wait to see what she does with it.
If you have never paper pieced before – I challenge you to try it and if you haven’t paper pieced in a long time…pick a project and go for it – it’s actually a little relaxing too.
Thanks for listening,
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