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Day 21 – View of the Wild

January 29, 2008

All Through the Woods

This is definitely one of our earlier quilts! It is from our second book, called All Through the Woods, and was released in 2001. This is a book that Martingale was very hesitant to release, because they felt that it was too ‘location specific’. Which means that quilters who don’t live in the mountains or woods would never buy the book. It turns out they were very wrong. Many quilters felt a connection to the Canadian, woodsy projects, even though they lived in different countries.
The finished size of the wallhanging is 28″ x 36″, but it is another project that I would love to re-do in another size. I think it would be great to enlarge it to make it a twin size quilt for a boys’ bed. It was also the one place in the book that I could sneak in a big horned sheep. I wanted to include this animal because it is very unique to the Rockie Mountains in Western Canada. And why are the fish so big? Well according to my husband, that’s the average size of fish up here in Canada.
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  1. cot10girl permalink
    January 29, 2008 2:30 pm

    I love the angler and fish block. It makes such a great pillow for our part of the country (North West Ontario) where the fish are big and plentiful. Bears frequently visit and moose roam nearby.”All Through the Woods” is where I live!

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