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Day 18 – Little Leaves

January 24, 2008

Traditional Quilts to Paper Piece

What season is it? I love autumn, but I don’t want it to be fall, because then winter would soon be starting again. But Cori and I are going through some of our old project, and being re-inspired. This quilt was a paper pieced project that is found in our 3rd book. However, when we came across it again recently, we re-formatted it into a beautiful bed quilt. Of course, the blocks would be much larger, and therefore they would not need to be paper pieced. (I can hear many of you cheering) I need to find the right fabrics, and I think it would look amazing done in Bali prints. And since many of my Bali’s are used up, I guess I need to go shopping!
So is there a story behind this little quilt? Of course. We had completed all of the 12 projects for our book, when we suddenly got a call from the editor. They had more pages to fill, and so they needed us to design and quickly make two more projects for the book. Cori and I were both a little stumped. I don’t remember how, but we managed to invent two more little quilts, and these leaves were one of them. So, if we had never been pushed by an editor, we never would have created this project.
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