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Day 4 – Mom’s program – table squares

January 4, 2008

Today we picked a project to show that only a few local women have ever seen. For the past few years, Cori would design a small project to teach at a local Church for their Mom’s Morning Out program. The women taking the class were all new to quilting, and would do an amazing job on their little project. They would all start out saying ‘Oh no – I can’t do that’, but by the second class, they would be hooked on applique, and would love it! This class also demonstrates something that all quilt shops should understand. Have a beginner class that has a project that is cute and pretty, and the students will enjoy it, and they will finish it. Many times ‘beginner quilt classes’ have projects that are too basic, and boring. Give the students a challenge, and most of all, give them a quilt that is something they will be proud to show others. Never underestimate the determination of a new quilter. If they love their project, they will finish it. All of the women who have ever taken this class with Cori, finished their little quilts, and were proud of their new accomplishment.

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  1. Jo Anne permalink
    January 8, 2008 12:24 am

    What a great idea, and the mats are so cute. I enjoy doing small projects that I know I can finish in a short amount of time.

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