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August 7, 2007

Deep End of the Ocean

I had to post a blog today, because we not only share our good days with you, but also our bad. And Cori had a really, really BAD weekend.

I will keep it short and sweet, and only post the bare facts. During the weekend, her daughter was jumping on the trampoline, and broke her ankle. After many long hours in the hospital, her daughter was home with a cast and crutches.

The very next day, her son has a simple fall on the backyard slide, and breaks his arm between his sholder, and his elbow. Cori spent 6 hours with him in the hospital while they tried to figure out how to cast this very difficult break.

It will mean a whole new routine at Cori’s house for the next few weeks, as both children will need her help. However, I am confident that if anyone can organize, and make a plan of attack on how to handle these circumstance, it is Cori. It just means that her full plate, just got a little fuller.

So her weekend was miserable, and then she calls me today (monday) with more news…..the dog died. I could not make up a story as sad as what this one really is. Unfortunatly I started laughing. Not because I thought it was funny, but because her life now sounded like a country western song. But take this as a compliement Cori – because God does not give us more than we can handle – so apparently you can handle a lot!

So for this entry, I went through some of our old photo’s, and I found this one. It was three years ago this month that we first flew to L.A. to meet RJR. And during that exciting and overwhelming trip, we had a chance to walk down to the beach, where we stood in the soft sand, and had a peaceful day out by the ocean.

And so Cori, I pray that your days will get better, and truly be filled with some great surprises. And when you need me, you know the number.


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  1. one of us permalink
    August 8, 2007 4:11 am

    I’m so sorry to hear about the kids accidents. I’m very sorry about the dog incident, and trust me, Ken felt really bad!However, if you’re looking at getting a new dog, our dog just had a litter of yellow lab puppies. 🙂 Let me know if you’re interested.Sheila

  2. Cori Derksen & Myra Harder permalink
    August 8, 2007 6:33 pm

    Thanks Shelia – but tell Ken not to feel bad, we know it was an accident! ~Cori

  3. Wendy Smith permalink
    August 11, 2007 4:01 am

    Wow, I am sorry to hear all of that stuff, no wonder you do not have time to be by the phone. Don’t forget, God only gives you what you can bite off and you sure took a big bite. Wish I could help.Wendy S

  4. cot10girl permalink
    August 11, 2007 12:24 pm

    Oh, poor Cori!! Our lives are like a river running to the sea; some stages are fast flowing water (the rough times) and others are still, tranquil ponds. Hang on for the ride!Praying for you,Karen

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