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July 17, 2007

And then there was light…

Like many of you… we have had a busy summer of enjoying the sunshine, and finishing up outdoor projects. However, last week, I finally had one day to play around in my studio, and solve a difficult problem that had been bugging me all year.

Last fall my husband and I packed up the kids, the furniture, the toys, and every small detail of our life, and moved down the street to a new home with more space. The hardest part was boxing up all of my fabric, and books, knowing that it would be weeks before I could even think about unpacking them. On the other hand, I was dreaming about what I could all put into my new, larger studio. I talked about finally having room for all of my desks, my tables, my fabric library, and my huge light table. My supportive husband gently tried to point out that the desks and library might fit, but the light table was going to have to be somewhere else. Oh really? We’ll see.

I know why he was concerned. The light table is 50″ x 100″. It was a very rare find that came up for sale a few years ago. I convinced my mother to let me store it has her house in my old room until I had space for it. Now that I had a bigger studio, of course I would have room for it!

After all of my desks were moved ( I have 6 desks in total. When I run out of desk space, I just buy another desk.) and the library shelves were in place…I have to admit that the large studio was getting a little crowded. The movers brought down the light table, and my mother agreed that it could never fit in my studio. Oh really? We’ll see. We set up the table in the family room, just outside of my studio, but in my mind, it had to fit in here somehow.

Well, last week, all the pieces came together, and I finally configured my studio and to everyone’s amazement, the light table fits perfectly. I am able to use one end of it as a cutting table, and still have plently of room at the other end for drawing. AND, all of my fabric bolts nicely fit into place under the table.

There is still plently of things that need to be finished and polished before I feel my studio is complete, and I will share more parts of it in the future. Until then….I will happily go back down to my studio, and enjoy all of the light.


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